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Agrobacterium tumerfaciens-mediated transformation Database for M. oryzae

Introduction of ATMT System

  Magnaporthe oryzae, the rice blast fungus is a model organism to study host-pathogen interactions due to its genetic tractability and availability of genome sequences of both rice and the fungus. A total of 21,070 hygromycin-resistant M. oryzae mutants (KJ201 strain) were generated through a large-scale insertional mutagenesis using Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation (ATMT). 559 mutants displaying defective pathogenicity were selected as InDepth mutants and subjected to further characterization. All the data on the InDepth mutants including their images are stored in this database. Results from TAIL-PCR analysis are also included and provide T-DNA insertional positions in the M. oryzae genome.

  This ATMT system was constructed for computerized storage, management and analysis of a vast amount of data from our insertional mutagenesis screens for M. oryzae. The system has been designed to meet the requirements dictated by experimental protocols in a flexible manner, and comprises two domains: Phenotype screening data (PS) domain and T-DNA processing (TP) domain.

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