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 InDepth ID Mutant ID Description
A03-C1 ATMT0358D1 no septa, long, branched germ tube, melanin-deficient appres..
A03-C2 ATMT0359A2 long germ tube, multi-germination, no septa
A03-C3 ATMT0359B1 no septa, short germ tube
A03-C4 ATMT0361C3 no septa, bipolar germination, small appressoria, melanin-de..
A03-C5 ATMT0362C1 long germ tube, no septa, size variation in appressorium, co..
A03-C6 ATMT0366D5 no septa, short germ tube, bipolar formation of appressoriua..
A03-D1 ATMT0368A1 long, branched germ tube, no septa
A03-D2 ATMT0368C2 no septa, convoulted, branched germ tube
A03-D3 ATMT0369D6 no septa, convoluted germ tube
A03-D4 ATMT0370D5  
A03-D5 ATMT0370D4 no septa, convoulted germ tube, bipolar germination
A03-D6 ATMT0382D5 long germ tube, convoluted germ tube, no septa
A04-A1 ATMT0383B1  
A04-A2 ATMT0384A2 long germ tube, convoluted, multiple germ tube
A04-A3 ATMT0384B6 long, branched, convoluted germ tube
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